Birthday Giveaway

EDIT 9/1/15: Giveaway is now CLOSED, thanks to all who entered! Winners to be announced soon!

Oink Pigments turns 5 this month, which is a pretty special milestone year for our rapidly growing small business. In the past year we've been to more than 30 festivals, fairs, trade shows, trunk shows, and special events at shops. The list of shops that have ordered our yarn has also surpassed 30. We have more than 500 LIKES on Facebook, 1300 followers on Twitter, and 400 followers on Instagram. We made a beautiful new website, brought on some extra help (Hi, Julie!), and let me just say, we are REALLY EXCITED about this momentum. Let's keep it up! 

Since Alexa and Helena are also August babies, we're celebrating our birthdays along with Oink Pigments' 5th birthday with presents FOR YOU!


  • ALL patterns by Alexa and Helena will be $1 OFF on Ravelry (because a 1 looks like a birthday candle), no coupon needed! Many of these will be getting a facelift, expanded sizing, and (possibly) price increases before the year is out, so this is a great time to snag them at a low price, since you'll automatically be sent any updates when they are released.
  • Our brand-new colorway, "Birthday Suit" - beautiful natural skeins in all our 100% USA-made yarn bases. For the month of August we're offering "Birthday Suit" in any of our yarn bases for $5 OFF (because we turn 5), no coupon needed! So try your hand at dyeing your own Oink Pigments yarn, or grab a naked skein to complement (or compliment) your favorite of our colors.


In addition to these crazy discounts, there will also be LOTS of freebies and prizes, and lots of ways to win. You get one entry for doing each of the following:

  • Facebook: Like our page AND leave a message on our timeline answering these questions: What would you make with a sweater (or blanket) quantity of Oink Pigments yarn? Which of our yarns and colors would you choose? What pattern would you make? 
  • Instagram: Follow OinkPigments AND post a picture of the Oink Pigments yarn(s) in your stash, or of one of your finished objects made from our yarn. Tag #oinkpigments in your post or it doesn't count!
  • Twitter: Follow @oinkpigments AND tweet where you first learned about Oink Pigments. Was it at Stitches West or Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta? Or did you find us at your LYS during a local yarn crawl? Tag #oinkpigments or it doesn't count!
  • Ravelry: Sock yarn was the first yarn released, so this one is all about socks! Join our Ravelry group AND write a post in this message board telling us what your dream socks would look like - pair up your favorite Oink Pigments colorway with your favorite sock pattern.
  • Blog: Leave a comment on this post answering this question: What is your favorite thing about Oink Pigments? Is it the yarn? The funny colorway names? Our cute piggy logo? The foxy ladies who run the company? The awesome customer service? Is it a particular colorway or a particular one of our yarn bases? Please leave your Ravelry ID in the text of your comment so that we can contact you if you win!
  • Web form: Fill this out
  • LYS: We wouldn't have made it this far if not for the MANY local yarn stores that have made homes for our yarns on their shelves, and we were delinquent in setting this up to begin with, so we're offering an extra special prize for them, too! Vote here for your favorite LYS and we will tally the winner and send them a package FULL of FREE YARN for their shelves (Yes sir; yes sir; THREE BAGS FULL)!

(Sur)PRIZES: It wouldn't be a birthday if we told you what your presents were before they were opened, now would it? But you'd probably peek anyway, because you are sneaky and you hate surprises, wouldn't you? We'll be sharing some sneak peaks over the next couple of weeks, but there are SEVEN different ways to enter, and there will be at least that many prizes, ranging from grand to SUPER grand, and will include a delicious assortment of YARN and PATTERNS and SCHWAG (images below are snippets of POSSIBLE prizes; more snippets - and more ACCURATE snippets - to come!)

This contest is open until 11:59pm Pacific Time on August 31, 2015. We will semi-randomly select and announce winners within a week or so after the contest closes (we will do our best to make this proper random, but sometimes there is some complicated finagling to actually choose winners in the socialnets, and we MIGHT want to award bonus points for the best and most creative responses, so keep that in mind when crafting your entries!). We will announce the winners here and on the relevant social media site no later than 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday, September 7th.

The usual fine print: Offer subject to change without notice. Entries received after the deadline are NOT eligible to win, sorry. We reserve the right to be fickle and cancel the whole thing or change up the prizes or have fewer prizes or add more prizes or disqualify any contestant for any reason (though we probably won't unless you are being a bully or a jerk) or basically do whatever we want to, because it's OUR BIRTHDAY :@) Multiple posts of the same type do not earn multiple entries. Only one prize per winner (you can't win multiple times). By participating you consent to let us use your post content for future publicity (properly attributed and/or anonymized, of course) and to announce on any/all of these social media your first name/handle/entry content/etc if you are selected as a winner (we're not going to give the world your home address or email, but we'd love to say that Howard aka @HowardTCat submitted THIS AMAZING ENTRY and is one of our AWESOME winners). If you don't write us back after we tag/email/message/carrier pigeon you then we'll give your prize away to someone else. Yadda yadda yadda play nice win free yarn make pretty things HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY OINK PIGMENTS!